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Phen375 Side Effects

Since no clinical trials have taken place for Phen375 as of yet, I wanted to conduct my own trial using two individuals – one male and one female. Because research has shown that Phen375 is safe to take, I now feel that I can begin my own trial and publish the results as I find them.


Both of my subjects were overweight at the time of taking the pill, but this study is going to be focused on the side effects of Phen375. While research shows that no noticeable side effects were found, I did actually manage to find a few side effects, although these were minor and should not be deemed as unsafe.

The first side effect my patients noticed is a feeling of grogginess in the morning. They reported that upon waking up, it felt a little bit harder to drag themselves out of bed. In all honesty, this is probably attributed to their change in diet and not the actual pills.

As the body changes with a change in diet, it forces itself to store less food and process food quicker – resulting in less energy overall when ‘hungry’. Since the patients are waking up feeling hungry, they have little energy. Once they ate their breakfast though, they reported perfectly fine energy levels.

Secondly, one patient was concerned with the fact that he did not experience any hunger feelings. While this is the sole purpose of Phen375, I feel it could be a side effect. Users of Phen375 have to be extremely responsible because they are the ones feeding their own body.

You cannot rely on your body anymore to tell you when you are hungry and need an energy fix, so users will need to use a schedule or timetable to ensure that enough meals are getting into the body.

My patients reported these are the only two noticeable side effects over a 60-day study of using Phen375. However, as stated, both side effects are actually part of the pill and the whole reason why it works so well. With no other reported negative impact on the body, I am positive that Phen375 is safe to use and delivers tremendous results.